Create a Video Channel in Minutes

Use your Videos on YouTube® to curate your own channel in minutes. Own your users, Increase your traffic, monetize your content and build your brand.

It all starts with a great .Tube® domain name!

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The perfect domain communicates why you are online and why you are awesome. A domain tells the world who you are, what you do and where to find you. A .Tube® domain states you mean video.

Promote your existing videos on the Internet

Bring together all the clips you've already shared on YouTube® and showcase them on your own .Tube® website.
A new .Tube® domain doesn't mean you need to create a library of new videos. Use the videos you already have on YouTube® to create a channel you control. Own your users, monetize and build your brand.

Domain Name

Powerful domain name that matches your YouTube® channel and tells the world your mean video.

Video Website Builder

Attractive design templates, fully customizable and advertisements-ready.

Video Curation Tools

Search and import videos from YouTube®, edit, sort and manage your videos with ease.

Short Links

Create a network of intelligent short URL’s to your videos. Links that click and build your brand.

3 Amazing products that will help you increase your traffic, make money and build your brand!

.Tube®, the right platform for your media projects.

Take your creator game to the next level. Design your VLOG, own your users, monetize your content, position on Google and build your brand. Great for:

Product Features

Tube® Domain Name

Use a domain name that matches your YouTube channel.

Shortcut Creator

Create inteligent short links to the videos you want to promote.

Real time statistics

Google Analytics
Track visitors and demographic usage and position your Vlog and links on Search Engines.

Tube® Crew Membership

Social Network Integration

Drive your fans from your social media to your money making website.

Video Curator

Curate videos from YouTube to create your site. Customize your design and use your own domain name to make money from advertisements.

Advanced Design Tools





Domain Name Privacy



Just pay $39,99 for your yearly domain name registration and all of these tools.

If you already own a .TUBE domain name you can point it to our servers and enjoy our services;

Redirect to your YouTube channel,
Curate your own channel and
Create Short Links to all your videos.
To use your domain name in
Your.Tube you must follow these steps:

  1. Create an account in Your.Tube
  2. Add the domain name to your account
  3. Approve and Checkout
  4. The system will provide an IP address and TXT record
  5. Enter those values in the DNS settings of your domain at the registrar
  6. After a few minutes, the system will verify your domain
  7. Once verified by our systems, you will be able to use your domain to
    1. redirect to your YouTube channel
    2. curate your own channel
    3. create short links to our videos