Short Links, BIG results

Make your videos easy to reach with the URL shortener built-into your .Tube® domain

Forget about URL’s with a bunch of random characters, make it simple for your users to reach your videos by creating targeted short links that are easy to understand.

By using your domain in your links, the confidence in your brand will grow and clicks will get a boost.

With state of the art analytics, view who’s clicking and sharing your links, where do they come from and learn about the demographics of your audience.

It all starts with a great .Tube® Domain!
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Product Features

Tube® Domain Name

Use a domain name that matches your YouTube channel.

Shortcut Creator

Create inteligent short links to the videos you want to promote.

Real time statistics

Google Analytics
Track visitors and demographic usage and position your Vlog and links on Search Engines.

Tube® Crew Membership

Social Network Integration

Drive your fans from your social media to your money making website.

Video Curator

Curate videos from YouTube to create your site. Customize your design and use your own domain name to make money from advertisements.

Advanced Design Tools





Domain Name Privacy



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